• Computer Businesses

    Desktop Publishing

    Advertising Agency

    Custom Publishing

    Restaurant Menu Desktop Publishing

    Office Services

    Virtual Assistant Services

    Abstracting - condensing articles

    Collection Service

    Data Mining and Analysis

    Medical Transcription Service

    Off-Site Secretarial Services

    Other Computer Services


    Laptop Inventory Service for Home Owners

    Expert Insights
    Accountant Getting Started

    Convenience store start-up funding talk
    Advice from Lilyvette Montalvo

    Expert Insights
    Consultant Mom to Business Consultant? Why Not?

    Advice from Jim Cheskey

    Expert Insights
    Husband & Wife Starting a consulting business
    Advice from Kent Capener


    Video Productions

    Video Production Services/Multimedia Production Services


    Field Trip Photo Service

    Expert Insights
    Opening a bar: Finding equipment & info Advice from Kent Capener

    Expert Insights
    Bar & Nightclub Non-alcoholic night club

    Advice from Jim Chesky

    Internet Businesses

    Advice Columnist - Online

    Computer Bulletin Board

    Computer Tech

    Personal Computer Maintenance

    Creative Businesses

    The Dippie Hippie

    Balloon Decorating

    Children's Crafts

    Gift Baskets

    Chocolate Treats N Treasures


    Parties in a Bag

    Romantic Catering

    Novelty Message Service




    Elderly Care

    Mobile Beauty Salon

    Retirement Life Planner

    Expert Insights

    Maid Service Advice and Ideas

    Advice from Cheryl Demas



    Grant Writing

    Poetry-On-Demand -- Custom Rhymes for Every Time


    Forever After


    Entertainment Media Surplus

    Kids Clothes

    Novelty Resale

    Yard Sale Online

    Selling a Family Recipe

    Expert Insights
    Mark BowerAdvice for starting a painting business

    Bookkeeping biz name and what to charge

    Do you weld? Consider welding your way into self-employment
    Advice from Mark Bower

    Expert Insights
    Data Entry, Medical Billing, Clerical Work

    Advice from Liz Folger

    Screen Printing


    World Shirts


    Patterns for Sewing


    Property Maintenance

    Self-storage management

    Apartment Cleaning

    Cleaning: Blinds

    Awning Cleaning


    Pleasure Boat Maintenance Service

    Interior Landscaping

    Income Property Ownership

    Expert Insights
    Desktop Publishing
    What's needed?

    Portfolio preparation

    How to start a freelance design business
    Equipment - mac or pc?
    Advice from Laura Wiegert

    Expert Insights
    After the pink slip comes: (quick) get that first client Advice from Laura Wiegert

    Expert Insights
    Biz ideas for a single work-at-home mom

    Information broker
    Advice from Allison Gaea Jucha

    Laundry and shoeshine

    Sudz for Dudz

    Executive Shine (Next Day Shoeshine Service)

    Errands and Reminders


    Wake-Up and Reminder Service


    Some Assembly Required


    Enviromentally Concerned Business

    Working with Animals

    Dog Grooming Service

    Pet Sitting

    Pony Rides & Petting Zoo

    Bird, Duck, and Geese Chasing Service

    Physical Therapy

    Doula Service



    Emergency Service

    Emergency Travelers' Service

    Business Expertise

    Image Consulting Service

    Exporting from Your Own Country

    Public Speaking

    Lecturer on Subjects You Know


    Market Development

    Money Management

    (Run an) Investment Club


    Independent Paralegal Service

    Expert Insights
    Are You Crazy? You Can't Make Money Doing That!

    Make Money While You Sleep

    Children's Clothing Special Order Biz

    Home-based craft business start-up advice
    Advice from Liz Folger

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